Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching has a focus on people’s health and energy. And more specifically on your own choices and behavior. It takes a broad perspective: it takes into account physical, mental, social and inspirational aspects in your life.

Integrative Health Coaching helps you to reflect on what is most relevant at this moment in your life. Shifting from ‘What is the matter to you?’ to ‘What matters to you?’. In that way you can set targets that are relevant for you and make realistic steps in achieving those personal ambitions. Of course, always in close contact with medical professionals in case relevant.

Integrative Health Coaching is a profession in America where many Health Coaches are part of medical teams. The health care system starts to acknowledge behavior change is key to success. Especially in case we want to prevent people from falling ill. The curriculum Integrative Health Coaching is being taught at Duke University, Integrative Medicine. Duke was – together with Harvard University – the founder of a consortium of American university focusing on health and prevention.