I work with people who want more ownership on their health and energy. In many cases they know deep inside change is needed. Just to feel healthier and happier now and in the future. They know their current circumstances and context cannot sustain. In those case Integrative Health Coaching can be helpful to realise that change.

Curious? Do you want to find out if Integrative Health Coaching might be of help in your specific situation? Feel welcome to schedule a short meeting in my online calendar. It is free of charge and without any obligations. Together we can explore if Integrative Health Coaching is helpful in your situation.

I offer trajectories consisting of 6 sessions of 60-90 minutes over a 3 – 6 months period. That timeframe suits most people to experience actual impact of the change they work towards. Integrative Health Coaching is not yet covered by Health Insurers. A trajectory Integrated Health Coaching has two different rates: for private individuals the rate is € 975 ex BTW per trajectory. For clients reimbursed via their employers the rate is € 1350 ex BTW. Many employers reimburse coaching via a personal training budget.

Interested in working together?

Feel free to schedule a short introduction meeting. Of course, that is completely free of charge and without any obligations. Together we explore if Integrative Health Coaching fits your needs. And it can help you decide if a coaching partnership suits your expectations.